Nike’s Emotional Branding

What is an emotional branding? Substantially meaning the way a brand makes neurological connections to the consumers in a way that creates a strong psychological and emotional response.

Listening to the podcast of Jesse Prinz (2015) on ‘Art and Emotion’, Philosophy Bites, which talked a lot about the question of ‘what is art?’ and ‘why art?’, got me thinking about art in some ways I have never really thought about before. For example, one part that intrigued me was about how certain sorts of object can become imbued with special powers because they’ve been in touch with somebody significant, just like it has sentimental values. For example, people would prefer to look at the ashes of a burnt down painting of Monalisa, rather than an exact replica of the painting. This is similar to why people are more attached to more widely known brands than niche brands.

Looking at Emotional Branding

I believe each one of us must have one brand in mind that connects to us emotionally. For me that brand is Nike. The way Nike applies emotional branding is absolutely genuis.


Nike ad celebrating Mo Farah Olympic wins

Nike presents itself in a way that provokes their clients. Its slogan ‘Just Do It’ alone says it all. Simple but to the point and is able to create a relationship with their clients by allowing anyone and everyone to come up with their own interpretation of the phrase (Pride, 2014). This slogan acts as an emotional bond to the audience.

Nike promotes themselves using the story of heroism that is ultimately relatable to everyone. It takes the emotional marketing story of the hero and turns it inward. “You are the hero, and your lazy side is the villain (Barakat, 2014). It shows how we struggle to battle with the villain in our head. The battle of waking up or not waking up in the morning. As seen in the video, one of Nike’s stories that I can definitely relate to is when I go running, I have constant arguments in my head where a part of me wants to stop but another part tells me to keep going. However in the end, the hero in us prevails.


Nike’s Emotional Branding

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